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Our Approach

Driving a New Treatment Paradigm

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At Vitalli Bio, we are focused on bringing forward medical change in the treatment of autoimmune diseases by translating scientific innovation into novel therapies. Our initial clinical development approach is on the advancement of dual inhibition of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) and Interleukin-2-Inducible T-Cell Kinase (ITK) as a new therapeutic modality for the treatment of immunological disorders. 

Vitalli Bio Logo

Potential of Modulating Immune Cells through BTK/ITK Dual Inhibition

ITK and BTK are critical for B and T cell activation, and dysregulation of these pathways has been known to cause various immune-related diseases. Overexpression or hyperactivation of ITK/BTK has been shown to cause various autoimmune diseases. Existing BTK inhibitors have shown preliminary efficacy in some autoimmune diseases, but effects appear to be limited by the single mechanism of action. ITK and BTK dual target inhibitors may have synergistic therapeutic efficacy for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. 

VIT-801 Dual Target Inhibitor 

Our lead product candidate, VIT-801, is a highly selective dual inhibitor of ITK and BTK. Unlike current treatments, which are generally limited to inhibiting only individual kinases, VIT-801 is a dual-target inhibitor that simultaneously and selectively inhibits B cells, T cells and other immune cells. Owing to its unique profile and mechanism of action, VIT-801 has the potential to represent a safe and effective alternative in difficult-to-treat autoimmune diseases, which are characterized by a diverse range of cell types. 

About Vitalli Bio

Fulfilling the Boundless Potential of the Immune System

We are advancing the clinical development of VIT-801 and are anticipating beginning the first in-human trials by the fourth quarter 2023.

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